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Review 1: Mima, 02/25/2016:
I love Doodle Bugs! I am a elementary school teacher and I know the value of a good education in a quality facility. All 4 of my grandkids and my nephew have been taught by Nini at Doodle Bugs. They have been a part of our family for over 9 years. Nini is not a baby sitter. She has a well rounded, structured curriculum, infused with fun indoor and outdoor activities, that I would compare to any child care center anywhere. Her facility is clean and well organized with all the educational equipment to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. She has the old school ethics and values and the kids are taught to be respectful to her, themselves, and each other. Just like your grandmother taught you. There is no one else I would trust my babies with.
Review 2: Mrs. Dennis, 02/25/2016:
Doodle Bugs is a quality, top knotch child care facility. Aunite Nini is the most loving and caring person who loves what she does. Doodle Bugs is in her home but the way she has it set up and organized, it is better than most child care centers I've been to. My kids are very happy there.
Review 3: T. Elias:
I contacted Doodlebugs last week and spoke with Aunty NiNi. I was very impressed with her. It has been 28 years since I had sought childcare and I am helping my daughter. I was impressed with the safety plan she has in place for her kids, the fact that learning is important from infancy and her obvious joy of caring for children. This is obviously a quality daycare center!!!!!! :)
Review 4: Jessica Taffollaj:
One of the best child care facilities in the high desert. Absolutely caters to all the needs of the children in such an awesome and individualistic way. I loved having my children at this facility. I highly recommend this facility.
Review 5: mama2three143, 03/18/2016 :
I had my 3 children in care at Doodle Bugs and I loved it. I have never felt so comfortable leaving my children in anyone's care. The children are not treated as just another child in a daycare they are treated as family. They are taught the skills to prepare them for kindergarten, given homework help for school aged kids and held responsible on getting their work done. My children would hate to leave at the end of the day because they felt so comfortable. As a mother it is hard to connect with someone and feel as though they are going to treat and love your children like you do but Doodle Bugs is definitely the exception to that. I moved away from the area and that is the only reason I removed my kids but if i moved back that would definitely be more first choice!!